Dear Valued Patient of Pymble Dental Practice,

As a patient of Pymble Dental Practice we wish to thank you for allowing us to care for you and your teeth. It hasn’t been the easiest two years with the obvious disruptions, but your support has allowed us to help care for more patients like yourself as the practice grows. We welcome the chance to also care for your friends and family.

Our Team

The practice now comprises 3 Dentists and 2 Oral Health Therapists (OHTs), as well as our wonderful support staff. We are proud of our growing team and culture, as well as their individual strengths and expertise. All three of our dentists have completed further postgraduate studies in either Oral Surgery/Implants (Dr Farrington), or; Prosthodontics (Drs Lehane and Elliott). They share the same ethical values when it comes to treatment ideology, and regularly converse about difficult cases to gain perspective from one another. Whilst we always recommend seeing the same dentist for your continual care, if an emergency happens you can be rest assured that one of the 3 dentists will be available to step in. Kristy Dunn and Teigan Barnfield (OHTs), have joined the team to allow us to better care for the health of our patients’ oral health and gum conditions. Kristy and Teigan work in conjunction with our dentists to carry out regular maintenance hygiene (scale and polish), periodontal (gum disease) treatments, as well as helping us take care of our younger patients. They both have a wealth of orthodontic knowledge, having both been working with well-regarded Orthodontists before coming to Pymble Dental Practice.