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Dental Tourism: Is It Worth It?

Dental tourism may sound unusual, or odd even, but it is very real. In fact, it is a rising trend, especially for Australian holidaymakers. But what is it exactly?

Dental tourism is the practice of going to another country to get dental work done because the dental procedures there are cheaper. Quite obviously, the main goal of this practice is to save money. However, Australian dentists are warning penny-pinching citizens that dental tourism may not be as cost-efficient as they think.

The quality may be different

Different Countries have different standards when it comes to dental practice. In theory, dental practitioners, wherever they may be, must be highly-trained and licensed. In Australia, this is something that you can easily verify. In addition to their license and training, dentists in the country work in a safe and regulated environment with quality dental equipment and instruments. In a foreign country, however, the working conditions may not be the same: licenses might be difficult to verify, regulations on workplace sanitation might not be as stringent, and their equipment might be outdated.

Procedures are done quickly

Even if you get lucky and find a great dentist in your destination, most holidays are just too short to have any major dental procedure done. Some dental treatments require multiple sessions that should be performed at least a week apart. Forcing them into a short holiday schedule may lead to more complications compared to procedures done at correct intervals to give your teeth and gums enough healing time. On top of this, you may not have enough time to recover before a stressful flight back home.

Higher risk of infection

As dental tourism become more popular, the number of people coming home from the holidays with hospital-acquired infections has also increased. Infection control standard is different in each country and you may end up in areas where there is a high risk of infections.

Risk of ruining your holiday

When undergoing a dental procedure, you always hope for the best results. However, there is always a small chance of an error or a complication, these can even occur when you are having a procedure done by the best practitioners in Australia. When you are having a procedure done in a foreign country, the risk is multiplied and your chances of getting reliable help in a timely fashion are significantly reduced. Not to mention, you might have to spend more money treating the complications of a bad procedure – more money than you would have spent had you gone to a dentist back home.

Home is the safest place

Although dental tourism is gaining popularity and low-cost treatment from abroad may be tempting, you can’t beat the peace of mind knowing you’re in safe hands with Australia’s excellent standards of health and dental practices. You’ll receive the utmost care in whatever dental procedure you undergo, and this is something Pymble Dental can promise.

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