Kid’s checkups

At Pymble Dental Practice we cherish the opportunity to encourage your children to love the dentist and love caring for their teeth.

Fun and Inclusive Check Ups

There are few pop culture references where dentists are not portrayed as strange sadistic old men! Finding Nemo is a perfect example of a dentist being a villain.

The profession as a whole perhaps suffers from a poor portrayal. We strive to rebel against this stereotype!

Much of dental anxiety and fear of the dentist stems from a negative childhood experience. The sights, sounds, smells and sensations can be quite overwhelming.

Here Henry watches his favourite movie ‘Cars’ in the dental chair

Despite this, dental health needs to be encouraged from a young age. A healthy mouth has a lifelong benefit to a person through improved nutrition and confidence. A positive dental checkup is the first step to a happy dental life.

At Pymble Dental Practice, we aim to make a checkup fun and interacticve.

We encourage kids under 3 to join their mums and dads, come and sit in the waiting room (where there are games and toys to play).

When they feel comfortable enough we encourage them to sit in the dental chair, take some photos of their teeth and demonstrate healthy habits and oral hygiene techniques.

Here Henry watches his favourite movie ‘Cars’ in the dental chair

When do teeth fall out?

Use these helpful charts to find out when your child’s teeth should come through?

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