Flouride Treatment

Fluoride works in three ways to protect the teeth:

We provide a fun-flavoured fluoride varnish at the end of each treatment, as well as a specific coating to teeth more at risk of decay.

It kills the bacteria which cause decay in teeth
It reverses early decay by remineralizing the affected enamel
It strengthens healthy enamel by enhancing its crystalline strength.

Fluoride Treatments

Water fluoridation, which is the addition of fluoride to drinking water in approximately 1 part per million, has the benefit that is automatically applied to tooth surfaces whenever you drink. Toothpaste, for comparison, has a usual content of 1000 parts per million.

  • for children aged 2 to 12 is incorporated into the enamel of the developing permanent teeth.
  • for adults it slows the decay rate around existing crowns and fillings , increasing their service life.

The safety and efficacy of fluoridated drinking water has been proved beyond doubt. We consider it one of the greatest public health measures of the 20th century.

Topical Fluoride applied in the chair at this practice is much stronger than fluoride in the water and provides and immediate high level coating to the teeth, and junction areas of fillings and crowns by applying it we are able to slow the progression of areas of initial decay to when a filling needs to be either place or replaced. It is applied as either a fluoride foam or as a varnish, depending on the desired result.

Topical fluoride is used for both prevention and cure of dental caries (decay). It can also help reduce sensitivity when applied to the root surface of the teeth.

Safety of fluoride