Oral Hygiene 

The Australian Dental Association recommends brushing twice a day, and flossing once per day.

Different Approaches

Some patients require alternative or extra measures to maintain their oral health.
This might involve:

For example of a tailored dental oral hygiene plan consider this patient:
“Mrs Jones is a 70 year old woman of generally good health but has a history of breast cancer which was treated with radiotherapy. This resulted in a dry mouth because her salivary glands were damaged from this treatment. She also has mild osteoarthritis.
She has a dental bridge on two implants, and many fillings. She has a historically moderate decay rate.”

An oral hygiene plan for this patient would include;

  • Electric toothbrush with standard toothpaste twice daily.

  • Piksters and or floss with a handle to help with Arthritis.

  • Saliva substitute mouthrinse daily.

  • Waterpik for under dental implant bridge.

  • Regular dental checkups.


It doesn’t really matter so long as you are flossing!

Any fluoridated toothpaste with about 1000ppm fluoride is suitable

Dentists will only recommend mouthrinses when needed, alcohol based mouthrinses should be avoided altogether.

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