Broken Tooth

broken tooth img 2
A broken tooth may be due to trauma, decay or biting something unexpectedly hard. Whatever the cause, it is important to have it seen to as soon as reasonably possible. We are always on hand to help.

Broken Teeth Repair

Broken teeth can be due to many causes, often due to lost fillings, biting on an unpitted olives or similarly hard foods, trauma to the face.

Broken teeth are not always painful , but their prompt attention may be the difference between a simple repair or an extraction.

When you come to see one of our dentists for the repair of a broken tooth, we will need to understand and diagnose what caused it to break, and what treatment is recommended to optimally restore the tooth. This will usually require x rays, photographs and an examination.
We take the time to explain all the treatment options available which could be utilized to mend the tooth.

Some of these options may be:

Teeth restored with composite resin at a single emergency visit

See the below before and after images of two of our lovely patients who sustained trauma resulting in broken teeth. Their teeth were restored by Dr David Farrington in a single emergency visit on the same day.

Trauma Patient 1

emergency 1 before newemergency 1 after

Trauma Patient 2

emergency 2 beforeemergency 2 after