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We care about the health of your smile

Dentures (plates, false teeth) describe the removable prostheses used to replace some or all missing teeth. Most people think of a denture as grandpa’s teeth in a glass of water beside the bed, but in reality they can be a beautiful and natural way to restore function and looks.

What are they made of?

Full dentures are normally made of acrylic teeth set in pink acrylic. They can also be reinforced with titanium or a cobalt chrome framework. Partial Dentures (those dentures only replacing some but not all of the teeth) can be acrylic, like a full denture, or are more commonly made of a customized cobalt chrome framework with acrylic teeth set on them. Dentures can also be designed and milled by computers to fit onto implants.

Do we still use them?

Whist we are seeing fewer dentures these days due to fluoridation in the water and improved dental materials, dentures are inevitably necessary in some cases, and can also be incorporated with treatment plans involving dental implants. Well-made dentures are still a valid and useful dental treatment.

How long do they take to make?

Depending on the case, dentures will take several appointments to make. This allows us to ensure quality control, adapt the correct bite, and the look of the dentures with patient feedback throughout.

How long do they last?

Dentures can last many years, and can be ‘relined’ ie. Refitted like resoling a shoe. They can also be tightened if they are a partial denture. With time, the jawbones shrink, and hence adjustments are expected. Some of our patients have had the same set of dentures for over 10 years.