Pain Relief

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Pain is the “emotional and physical response to a real or perceived noxious stimulus”. What does this mean? It means that everyone perceives pain differently. Some people say they have a high pain threshold, whilst others admit to feeling pain more than some. Whatever category a patient falls into- this pain is real, and it needs to be addressed. Dental pain ranks as one of the worst pains that the human body can dish out.
Dental pain can come in many forms; it can be due to;
As you can see, there are many different ways that a patient may present to the dentist.

Accurate diagnosis is the cornerstone of pain relief. Without knowing what is causing the pain, the wrong treatment may be administered.
Our dentists pride themselves on accurate and thorough diagnoses so we can be sure that you receive the best treatment.

Pain relief may come in many forms; these are some of the treatments that may aid in reducing pain
If you are experiencing dental pain, please call us immediately on 02 9488 7676. If it is out of business hours there will be a connection to or emergency out of hours line.